I am Shay.


In the copywriting industry, I am unique. I am an experienced sales and marketing professional with in-the-field experience that helps me craft compelling copy that solves your audience’s problems. Using a sales lens, the resulting content strategy is tailor-made for your sales and marketing objectives.

Retail, wholesale, and business-to-business markets are all in my wheelhouse. In addition to local and national content, I have developed international content as well.

North America, the United Kingdom, and Latin America are included in that exhaustive list.

Copy that I write is clear, concise, and persuasive. I tailor each piece of content to the audience you want to reach.

My extensive project management experience will save you money. I will be able to shorten deadlines and decrease the cost of hiring a professional writer (aka = me).
I work with small businesses. All creative thinkers, like myself. My clients are small artisan business, musicians, and writers. If you manage a business, you are a creative thinker by nature. The creative process is what moves the business forward. The secret to staying successful and relevant is to constantly question your assumptions. To succeed, you must adjust your approach. Or, you must devise new strategies.
My goal is to keep you relevant and to make a meaningful impact on your business.
Let’s talk. 


I offer academic copy editing services that include editing, proofreading, and plagiarism detection. I stand by a code of conduct commitment of not writing academic papers, paraphrasing, or rewriting material; I only edit and proofread.


I can create a CV from the ground up, improve an already-existing academic CV, or rework academic CVs to become resumes with an industry focus.

Editing in US, UK, Australian, and Canadian English