I am Shay.


Are you in need of a social media writer who can help manage your online communities, write engaging messages and posts, lead discussions, create compelling advertisements to increase engagement, and convert engagements into content ideas? Or perhaps you require a skilled content writer to create quality content for your business website, emails, or newsletters?

As an online content manager, I can help you plan an editorial schedule and write or edit content that attracts prospects, engages readers, nurtures relationships, and ultimately prepares them for the sale.

Moreover, if you’re looking to stay in touch with your current, past, and potential clients through e-newsletters, I can write fresh, relevant content (usually around 1,200 to 1,500 words) on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) for you.

About Me

At 16, my first piece of writing was published: a poem about unconditional love and a self-portrait of the tribulations of growing up in a fractured environment. The pen has been my weapon to fight injustice, and my non-fiction articles on self-growth and societal change have served as an outlet for my ideas over the years. As a lover of words, I pursued my studies at the University of Guelph. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in English studies and literature. Since my graduation, I have been primarily focused on writing and editing. For over 30 years, I have gained extensive experience writing and editing various non-fiction materials, particularly in self-help, community, social impact, business, administrative, and academic writing. I specialized in creating training guides and refining processes to aid learning.

I continue writing and working on a non-fiction book about my life experience.

My background is diverse. And I am versatile. My experience in various niches demonstrates my adaptability to different projects and topics and my expertise and versatility.

As a copywriter, I offer a unique set of skills. With my experience in sales and marketing, I can create compelling copy that addresses the problems of your target audience. My content strategy is customized to fit your specific sales and marketing objectives, and I have the expertise to handle retail, wholesale, and B2B markets. I can create local, national, and international content, and my copy is always clear, concise, and persuasive.

My project management skills enable me to complete your projects efficiently, saving you time and money. I specialize in working with small businesses, including artisans, musicians, and writers, who are all creative thinkers like me. I believe that questioning assumptions and adapting to changing circumstances is essential for businesses to stay relevant and successful.

My ultimate goal is to help your business make a meaningful impact and stay relevant. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help, let’s talk.


I provide academic copy editing services, which include editing, proofreading, and plagiarism detection. I abide by a code of conduct that prohibits me from writing academic papers, paraphrasing, or rewriting text. My services are limited to editing and proofreading only.


I can help you create an impressive CV, whether you need to build one from scratch, improve an existing academic CV or transform an academic CV into a resume with more industry focus. If you need help writing professional emails to potential employers, I can assist with that too!

Editing in US, UK, Australian, and Canadian English